Episode 1: Acquiring Users

Michael Petrov - still from Naked Entrepreneur episode

What better way to begin a series filmed at Ryerson University than with a former Ryerson Student, Michael Petrov (@mpetrov). He’s the co-founder of an application that is making big noise by doing something very simple, the ability to chat and share content privately with your significant other.

Michael has already achieved a lot and even more so considering he hasn’t hit his 25th birthday. His interest in computers, spurred on by his father teaching him about software at an early age, developed into a job as a software consultant at 16. Later on, while attending Ryerson University, he built a database application called FMTouch, which garnered thousands of downloads and awards along with it.

Now he’s launching a new application called Pair, out of Y Combinator, one of the most successful and well known accelerators in the world.

As a young Entrepreneur Michael shares his story of success, which he at this point he denies he’s achieved, as well as advice for University/ College students. One conversation in particular developed into the often sought after solution to finding one’s passion.

“If you’re a student, Thursdays is the night. But if there’s one thing you would do instead of going out. For me it was computers. That would be the easiest way to isolate what you’re passionate about”

As far as advice about identifying the passion in your life goes, this might well be one of the best.

Instead of simply asking you to think about the things that interest you, Michael adds a tangible element to the conversation. It literally allows you to think back and wonder what sort of things you did or would do to stay home to work on during a Thursday, or the weekend if you refuse to follow the students-go-out-on-Thursdays piece.

There’s plenty more of that great advice throughout the sit down chat, as Michael delves into conversations about how to acquire the right customer base for your product.


If you’re interested in learning more about Y Combinator you can do so here