Michael Petrov

Michael Petrov

Michael Petrov – Naked Entrepreneur

Co-founder: Pair

Michael Petrov is a software consultant based in Ontario, Canada. Michael specializes in iPhone application development, C/C++ development, PHP web development, and FileMaker database web integration.

Within the past few years Michael has been very active in the niche FileMaker database community. In the FileMaker community, he developed tools and educational materials to promote database based web publishing and iPhone integration. During the past two years he developed a number of iPhone applications, extending his 10 years of C programming experience to the iPhone Objective-C world of programming.

Currently Michael welcomes select consulting projects, typically centered around iPhone programming or advanced database web integration

When Michael is not immersed in the latest technology, he likes to relax by expanding his knowledge of economics and world markets. He is also an avid Linux user and an open source supporter. His other interests are finding the perfect cafe in which to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee, and when he wants to get physical, Michael enjoys the adrenaline rush of snowboarding.

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